Our Expertise

Swach as an integrated project developer, offers economical, adaptable and value added innovative solution in the environment sector with state- of- art technology through its net working with leading global players.

Swach participates in almost all parts of the value chain of the environment sector through planning, engineering, business plan structuring, project monitoring and implementation support for both green field and brown field projects in PPP and EPC mode  as well.

Swach’s bouquet of services includes:

Project Evaluation:

Swach performs a systematic and objective background assessment of upcoming and ongoing projects with an aim to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability and techno-commercial viability.

Project Finance:

Swach offers financial support for environmental projects working in both PPP and EPC models in a structured manner by incorporating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) as a Lead Member or a Part of the Consortium.

Project Development:

Swach helps in “end to end” project process development involving planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources to achieve set targets in an organized way.

Project Execution:

Swach through its association with EPC and Turnkey contractors  ensures thatall the phases of the project life are put into action in a defined time frameso as to deliver the project expected KPIs as planned.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Swach conducts due diligence including gap analysis for an objective assessment of the economic viability and sustainability of the project and do the project structuring to determine the technical and financial inputs required to make it viable and to assess its support worthiness.