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Srei Infrastructure Finance Company - Overview & Milestone

SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd

Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited is a leading infrastructure financing conglomerate in India. Srei, derived from the Hindi word ‘Shrey’ meaning 'merit' or 'credit', has completed a quarter of a century. In these 25 years, Srei has come a long way after starting perhaps in one of the most difficult and challenging times. In 1989, India had not opened up its economy, which during those times, was in doldrums. There was hardly any quality investment in infrastructure projects. Srei was born then, a child of a dream, with the aim to address two of the most critical problems in our country then – financing and infrastructure.

Today, the journey of 25 years has made us both dynamic and mature. Our experience in the sector has been an exceptional mix of moments of excellence, seconds of despair, frustrations, and thrill, yet exciting. With 'Innovation' as our hallmark, we have grown over the years to become the preferred partners in infrastructure financing.

Srei believes in being the driving force for entrepreneurs. By empowering over 30,000 customers through our bouquet of services, our value proposition towards our customers and partners is much beyond finance. Our services in the infrastructure sector include:

Srei has continually innovated and developed sustainable approaches to become a deserving leader in almost all stages of the infrastructure value chain. We have added many feathers to our list of accomplishments that distinguish us as a young yet mature organisation:

  • We are amongst the first Indian NBFCs to access the international market for funds
  • The first Indian infrastructure NBFC to be listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • The first company to lay the ground for passive telecom infrastructure sharing in India.
  • We are also the first to break new ground in rural IT infrastructure in India (under the National e-Governance Plan of the Government of India). Our mega project, called Sahaj e-Village, is a network of over 27,000 Common Service Centres (CSCs) in six states, offering B2B, B2C, G2C and e-Learning services to a 30 crore rural population.
  • To broad base shareholding, Srei was listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) way back in 2005. We also have the distinction of having a wide spectrum of international institutions as our stakeholders:
    • IFC (International Finance Corporation - World Bank Group)
    • KfW & DEG Germany (Financial Institutions owned by the Government of Germany)
    • FMO (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Netherlands)
    • BIO (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Belgium))
    • FINFUND (Financial Institution owned by the Government of Finland).

A robustness of any Company can be assessed by how it performs in its most challenging times. We have survived multiple market cycles and been through two of the most challenging economic slowdowns and yet stood the test of time over the years.

We are a company that is now a catalyst to national transformation, instead of being a beneficiary of economic growth. Our customer base of over 30,000 and over Rs. 36, 000 crore of Consolidated Assets Under Management, has made us one of the largest player in the infrastructure segment

We share a strong partnership with organisations that have decades of experience like the Tata Group for shared passive telecom infrastructure and Srei Equipment Finance Ltd. (SEFL) for Equipment Financing. We are also increasing our presence overseas and currently operate two offices in the Russian Federation. We realise the importance of technology and it is the one thing that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our edge, over the others, is the ability to provide all possible infrastructure related services under one roof, makes us the most preferred partner for infrastructure players in India.