Strategic Partnerships

Business/Technology tie-ups

  • Veolia India Pvt. Ltd.

    -Largest water desalination company globally

  • IDE Technologies Ltd.

    -Waste to Energy company from South Koreay

  • IVRCL Ltd

    -Renowned infrastructure company in India

  • Filtrum INC.

    -System integration and upgradation of STP, WTP company from Canada

  • Ion Exchange (I) Ltd.

    -Largest and oldest water service company in India

  • Enersol, USA.

    -US based Solid Waste to Energy (on Plasma Technology) company.

  • Hari Bhari

    -Solid Waste Management company.

  • JIS University, Kolkata

    -Research Institution for participation in DST, Gol funded projects.

  • Carnegie Water, USA

    -Research partner US-India science and technology fund project.